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"It is wonderful to get my confidence back and feel like a normal woman again"

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Each wig crafted by us is totally unique and tailored specifically to its wearer.

A perfect fit is achieved by using a plaster mould of your head. This helps to recreate your hairline shape, crown and parting. A soft, permeable silicone cap tinted to match your skin colour is fitted to your mould and this exact fit creates the suction effect that withstands the rigours of daily life - even the strongest wind!

Untreated human hair of the finest quality is then implanted into the silicone. To create a natural look and movement that is just like the real thing, we ensure an even spread of hair by inserting just one or two hairs at a time.

Freedom Wigs are made from top quality virgin European hair - hair that hasn't been bleached, dyed or processed in any way. Of course if you are of Asian or Indian descent, your wig can be made using appropriate Asian or Indian hair.

Once fitted with your new wig, you are ready for salon styling!

Advantages of a Freedom Wig

Comfort: No more scratching and scalp irritation.
Freedom Wigs are smooth, light and feel like a second skin. The hair ends are sealed inside the soft silicone cap, and don't come into contact with the scalp.

Security: No sliding. No dislodging.
By ensuring a perfect fit that creates suction, Freedom Wigs are difficult to dislodge and do not come off accidentally.

Personalised: Tailored specifically to your needs.
When ordering your Freedom Wig from Positively Hair you are welcome to specify the type of hair you want and even a particular style. We are more than happy to tailor the wig to your needs. Finding a picture is a great way to communicate your ideas, maybe a photo of you in the past or a totally new style from a magazine.