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"I can't really put into words what this wig has given me back - it’s just too huge."

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How to order from me

I am happy to answer any questions you have and even arrange for you to talk with a client in your area. Most of my clients are women with Alopecia AA, AU or AT who have more than likely shared many of your experiences and concerns.

At a mutually convenient time, we can schedule a private appointment to discuss your needs. At this time or at a later date that is convenient for you, a plaster cast will be taken of your scalp. The cast is sent to New Zealand where a mould is made to duplicate your head shape, ensuring the wig will be exactly the correct size and shape for you. Your mould will be safely stored for future use. Remoulding is usually only necessary for growing children or adults who have experienced substantial weight changes.

You are able to specify the following features

Hair colour: match your original colour or chose from a range of colours, which can be mixed to create any shade you desire. Your stylist can add streaks or foils for highlighting effects if you choose these optional extras prior to your styling appointment.

Hair texture and curl: straight, movement, light wave, heavy wave, light curl. Or have it salon permed at the styling stage.

Hair length: order in 50 millimetre/2 inch increases, from 100 millimetres/4 inches through to 350 millimetres/14 inches.

Implant density: extra light, light, light-medium.

Crown and planting location: left, centre, right.

Scalp colour: choose from six tones.

A clear plastic fitting cap and a sample of the hair you've selected will be checked at your next appointment before manufacture begins.

When the wig is ready for shipment, an appointment will be made for the final fitting.

Styling can be done at this time or you can take the wig to your chosen stylist.

Payment is 50% deposit at the time of ordering, with the balance payable at the final fitting.

A 12-month warranty is provided, and repairs can be made as necessary.