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"I can honestly say I have lost the count of the compliments I've had about my hairstyle."

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sue ReniganHi I'm Sue Renigan, welcome to the Positively Hair website

I have been wigmaking since 1970 having had my own business since 1983. I see my clients in the privacy of my own home.

Positively Hair has been supplying vacuum fit wigs from Freedom Wigs Ltd in England since 1995. I strive to offer a service that is sensitive to the needs of people who are coping with hairloss.

Freedom Wigs Ltd is located in Dunedin, New Zealand, and is owned and operated by Murray and Averill Barrington.

Freedom Wigs comprises a team of 19 people, each a specialist in his or her field of the manufacturing process, be it hair grading, blending, implantation or mouldmaking. All are dedicated to quality, customer service and ongoing product development.

With help of technology and valuable feedback from people like you, we've created wigs that look and feel totally natural.

We use untreated human hair of the finest quality that compliments your ethnic background, and by taking a mould of your head we ensure a perfect fit.

Freedom Wigs do not come off unannounced! The vacuum seal of our wigs means your hair moves the way you want, when you want.